Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Pick Up Children the Evangelical Way

If you looked out your window and saw man talking to your kids from his car pulled up to the curb, what would you think? Personally, I'd think that someone I didn't know was trying to coerce my children into his car. But I'm sure an Evangelical would have no problem with a fellow Bible thumper proselytizing to his children. Not only does he try to convert these kids, but he makes them accept Jesus, whether they want to or not.

To be fair, this guy doesn't target only children. If you see his other videos on his YouTube channel, he also ambushes old ladies in supermarkets and bothers fast-food employees.

He's obviously taken notes from Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, who have perfected the art of pushing their beliefs on unsuspecting people on the street by asking them "Do you think your going to heaven?". Then they precede to probe them for the tiniest sins committed and damn them to hell in the next breath.

Maybe it's time for atheist to take the next step up from bus signs to asking believers that come out of church why they're so delusional.