Friday, August 7, 2009

My Place on the Political Spectrum

I've been bored today, so I decided to waste time on taking several online quizzes that tell you where you stand on the political spectrum. Rather than the do the oversimplified "Are you a Democratic or a Republican?" quizzes that one can find on Quizilla and the like, I went for ones that have the four-quadrant political compass- liberal and conservative, authoritarian and libertarian.

As you can see, not much of change in any of them. They all seem to point to the idea that I'm a Liberal Libertarian. These types of quiz tend to be of better use and have a little more credibility than tests that only tell you whether your a Democrat or a Republican. I don't know if the majority of the country knows this, but there is such a thing as a Third Party. And surveys like this can help find a party or candidate that actually fits their point of view.

To find out more about how the old "liberal vs. conservative" spectrum doesn't work, watch this. I am not a self-proclaimed Libertarian like the dude in the video, but he could probably explain the spectrum much better than I could.

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